Vinita Khandelwal deep routed love for embroideries formed the inspiration for her brand “Plume Nova”. After an education in fashion design and starting from a one room workshop where dreams were made into art forms to now a full team of hundreds of artisans is a journey spanning across more than one and a half decade. “Plume Nova” is an amalgamation of “KASHIDA STUDIO” vast experience of vernacular art combining it with exquisite embroideries and hand brush painting helping to make signature scarves and shawls. Vinita’s creative instinct of combining contemporary designs and a strong work ethic is the driving force of Plume Nova.

The global presence of “Plume Nova” is renowned for its unswerving commitment to sustainable, social practices & policies striving to achieve higher dimensions of design excellence with her vision of finding and recreating the lost Indian Crafts & craftsmen. “Plume Nova” will continue to influence the world art and designs


“Plume Nova” is a pioneer in reviving traditional embroideries and freehand paintings on fabric. The brand extends a love for India’s vibrant culture. By imbibing modern technologies, Plume Nova explores creative patterns that are a fresh interpretation of the rich craftwork of our country.
By weaving stories and creating extremely intricate motifs, our designers have encapsulated the ongoing collection of “Plume Nova”. It has an extensive range of fine pieces inspired by the generous beauty around us. Driven by narrative, the collection celebrates the beautiful elements of design and textures.
The sublime luxury evokes the theme’s underlying beauty.Color being of the utmost importance in the creative process it provides the very first approach to our design thinking and opens up a tableau of inspirations. The cheerful yet delicate mood offers a beautiful mélange of fluidity and interesting patterns. With natural paints, fine yarns, and supreme quality fabrics, every design is made individually with perfection. Breathing life into the aesthetic, by exploring the poetry of the universe, the collection flows through the flawless design process, resulting in preserving the brilliant craftsmanship.



The elements of design are transformed on fabric as surreal notes of nuanced intricacies through exotic hand-embroideries and fine strokes of brushes. The brand has a selection of stunningly and individually designed artworks. These elegant pieces of wearable art are adorned with fine artisanship. Each product is hand-crafted with intricate embroideries that are inspired by tradition and styled with passion. The collection features techniques like the fine and delicate thread work of Chain stitch embroidery, needle embroidery, and unique freehand paintings on luxurious fabrics, needle-punching, hand cutwork, hand brush foiling, etc..

The brand is also celebrated and much adored for reviving the exceptional yet fading art of Kalamkari. This ancient Indian style of hand-brush painting was done on pure silk or cotton fabrics, using natural colors. Kalamkari is a highly acclaimed art form of Indian heritage. As the brand thrives for perfection, this bespoke and glorious technique is portrayed beautifully by our excellent in-house artisans. The craving for authenticity has established the brand at the forefront of contemporary design with its techniques deeply rooted in rich Indian tradition.