Our Story

Our Story

At Plume Nova, our purpose
is to create scarves that last forever.

We believe in combining contemporary designs with rich Indian techniques that resonate with people’s senses. Plume Nova is conceptualized by an Indian duo who draw inspiration from their ancestral traditions and give it a fresh modern twist. A bridge between technique and design, creating a fusion of the rich cultural heritage of India, is all what Plume Nova is about.

Vinita and Anuj, the founders of Plume Nova, bonded together 20 years ago over their desire to revive the dying art of Kalamkari, "the art of hand brush painting with hand embroideries” and create something new and unique. Thus Plume Nova came into existence. As a couple residing in the Pink City, known for its art forms and intricate craftsmanship throughout the world, they devised a concept of designing and creating distinguished scarfs, combining utility & beautiful fusions from around the globe, thereby creating one-of-a-kind scarfs, that would bring out the best of their culture. Their inspiration is drawn from nature’s beauty; therefore, Plume Nova specializes in timeless designs that adapt to every mood, wardrobe, and personal style.

The emphasis is on creativity and innovation, amalgamating modern techniques and traditional skills with a diverse color palette. Our wraps and scarves are made of the finest natural fabrics: Cashmere Silk, Baby wool, and Linen - therefore utmost care is taken to ensure that they retain their natural form. Our designs are original creations; each design comes in a variety of shades, from energizing vibrant tints to more relaxing natural shades. Color is an important part of those creations: the gamut is carefully chosen to reflect the vibrancy and power of the designs we create.

Plume refers to a feather in French & Nova symbolizes new in Latin. Together, Plume Nova stands as a feather that marks the hope of a new beginning, creating ripples of waves wherever it leaves its calming presence. It’s not only a combination of French and Latin words but also an aesthetic balance in fusion work created here at Plume Nova.

Vinita, the imagination behind the brand, has not only revived the dying art of hand brush painting and hand embroidery, but has also reinvigorated this centuries-old tradition by capturing the Indian culture, elegance, tradition, and identity and has breathed new life into an art form that has been around for hundreds of years.